Best Websites For Learning skills Online

We all know the way of learning skills are changing exponentially from past few years, and in my opinion, it is helping our society and community, because the way of providing education to students in school and universities are not fulfilling the industries needs

so, here I will explain some of the websites through which you can learn various skills

1. Udemy

Udemy is online learning platform founded in 2010 By 3 people Eren Bali,Oktay Caglar,Gagan Biyani

In that, most courses are related to every industry at reasonable prices, and the main thing which I like most is, large no of courses are created by people, those practitioners mean working in the same industry.

Provide Certification also those are believe in piece of paper it will easy for them

2. EDX

I am in love with the edx because it cleared a lot of my engineering concepts during my engineering education. I heard about that website during my college days through one of my senior

You can see any course without investing single amount, but if you want to earn certification of course with videos after completion then ,you have to pay for the course and they will give you assignments and tests also conducted,for judging your learning.

EdX was founded back in the year of 2012 by Harvard and MIT

3. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform founded by two Standford professor in 2012

Coursera having collaboration with various universities which instruct on this platform about machine learning, data science, mathematics, digital marketing, etc

That platform is paid one and the price is starting from 49 $, after completion, of course, they will provide certification of course the consisting name of the university .

And moreover, degree courses are also available in the field of science, tech, management, etc

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an American based non-profit organization which help in learning various school and universities concept, founded by Salman khan alumni of MIT

when it was started all the lesson are available in the English language, but recently they also start teaching in the Hindi language, which will really help a lot to Indian students also

And that is now open the path for parents who wants to provide world-class in homeschooling

5. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is the platform, where you can learn or improve all type of coding skills

Anyone can improve their basic coding skills without paying any amount to Codeacademy, but anyone needs step by step knowledge or some more features, they have to go with a monthly subscription.


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