Free Ways To Do Keyword Research

As a newbie blogger, it is always difficult to invest money in keyword research tools, whenever you will write an article or blog.

So don’t worry here I am to share with you some of the freeways to do keyword research, or you may call them keyword research tool, let’s begin.

1. Google Auto Suggestion

we all know or maybe some of don’t google itself a keyword research tool, let me explain what Google autosuggestion is, if you search anything in the google search bar it will suggest you some related keywords with dropdown

Understand with help of picture which is added below

google auto suggestion

if you will see above picture , i searched a keyword “digital marketing” so Google suggested me some keywords related to that keyword which i represent through red arrow mark

2. LSI Keywords

LSI stands for “latent semantic indexing” it is another way of doing keyword research little bit similar with “Google Autosuggestion”

Question is How To find LSI keywords?

It is so simple just type any keyword in google search bar let say “best shoes for running” after typing this keyword or search query google will show you result related to this query, and now scroll down your google page so in the bottom of google page you will able see LSI keywords, for the reference see below-given picture

lsi keywords

3. Google Keyword Planner

Last but not least my friend, tool which is provided by google name is “Google Keyword Planner” this tool is availble in google ads account , but don’t worry you don’t require to run google ads for using this tool.

If you have gmail id ,of course we all have it is just enough for using google keword planner,steps to use this tool

a. Type google ads in google and open first link , below given page will come and do sign in with your gmail id

ways to do keyword research

b. As shown in below google ads dashboard go in tools and setting and then in keyword planner (tools and setting indicated by arrow)

keyword research methods

c. After that one more tab will open and go with “discover new keyword” and one new page tab will open, so finally you can search keywords see below given keword research tab.

free tool for keyword research

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