Marketing Week

Marketing is not just a word but it’s a process that will help in making a business revenue generation machine if companies do in a righter way with patience.

where marketing starts and where marketing ends?

Marketing Starts from the day 1 for every business and it will never end because it is always a requirement of every business. Here is the blog of my learning which will help you to dive into marketing strategies

Marketing is very sweet science and moreover creativity so what I understood if a product or service is good but you are not good at marketing so we can’t able to make the business scalable in the long run, the business those are successful due to good product or service including right marketing strategies.

Every company those are in front of our eyes and popular, most of the people know them by there name due to their right marketing strategies and good product or service.

Let us understand with some examples of some of fortune 500 companies.


If we start talking about Apple so word will never take a break to stop talking about apple, the marketing campaign of apple are creating in such a simpler way their ads on tv channels highlight the pain point of the customer and what I saw recently in one ad, privacy matters because the world is going online day by day so privacy is the issue so they create ad over that, the point is benef over features

2. Starbucks

If we observe about starbucks they are good at sharing their customer satisfaction posts and surely they are good in the product also so a right jab help in taking action from customers

And list is go so on

Fundamental Of Marketing

Marketing is a backbone for every business so if you are starting any business so ask yourself these three question what where how and then frame your business let I will give you my example first i was planning to collaborating with teachers who are teaching high school students, but the problem is niche if I talk about students so there buying power depend on there parents so it is difficult to target them so chances are less for conversion so you have to see each and every aspect. but again you will succeed if you are service is good like Byju

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Always prepare for the worst that what I understood some of the companies which are not available on digital platforms they are difficult to generate revenue i had a meeting with real state client back in 2019, but at they were not ready to understand the power of online marketing, so the time passes and they are now ready to invest their money in an online marketing platform

When I explained to him about the cost of traditional marketing vs digital marketing, so according to expenses, digital marketing is one 1/3 as compare to traditional marketing.

The beauty of digital marketing is you have various options available to reach out to targeted audience according to age, gender location time their search behavior and so on but yes traditional marketing was good in earlier days but if we don’t have so much money to invest so better to go with digital marketing

But if we are also investing some of our budget in traditional marketing so it is not a bad idea it will also good because at the end audience is also available here

CATT Funnel

The audience is available on every platform if you are not creating content for you audience so how they will know about you in that noisy world whether it may be audio,video, written and images

Attention comes into the picture then if you are solving peoples problems and touching with there emotions

People mostly buy Trust not product like Digital Deepak Intership

If All above things are on the right spot, Tansaction will happen

Integrating Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing gives us better result because all types of digital marketing having its own importance, sometimes your content is not enough to convert them you need to collect their details by selling e-books and all then send continuously emails of your services

Seo required lot of patience but in starting you should go with Google ads it gives us fast results and like wise social media paid advertisement

Some Time we need to create content for just for the sake of giving knowledge to our audience and sometimes add a different call to action according to the need and drive traffic through different strategies

Personal Branding

Learn Apply And share that is what important, share your journey with people in the form of stories because at the end people like love to listen from humans that’s how you will build your personal brand, and if tomorrow you start a company or service so due to strong personal brand they will trust on you

Now here is also it is the matter of consistency and loyal with your audience because if you share your learning experiences and failures of life with people they will like you more, and connect with you easily because at the end fakeness is not live longer as deepak sir gave Nike example, first it was a marketing company and then after that, it is a shoe company


As a discussed about lot of things in this blog from marketing to traditional marketing and digital marketing

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