Version 2.0 Of Saif Khan

2027 : Saif khan is a successful Serial Entrepreneur, started his carrier back in 2019 with 5000 Rs in Bangalore as an SEO executive. He is known for his digital skill now to help society. He is the person who loves teaching digital marketing a lot so due to his teaching, more than 10,000 students are placed in various MNC and working as freelancers.

According to him “Hard work is the only thing which will give you best returns” because we all know about them how he started his carrier when no knows them but recently an article published in Forbes magazine and his name is in the list of the top successful entrepreneur under ’30s. He gave various national and international speeches over the world in some famous universities and in conferences.

He is known to the world as an Investor also in some biggest companies in India. He wrote several books as an author but one of his famous book which people really like is the “journey of execution”.

Most of his time going in traveling in exploring the world, but other then that his companies headquarter is in Bangalore. This is not only headquartered but a dream of everyone it includes a swimming pool and high tech gym with India’s famous trainer and all of his employees living a high-class lifestyle in that.

He is running some NGO’s also those work for “safety of women” and helping poor people with providing money for there treatment. Apart from that, he is also involved in various social works.

If you talk about his personal life, he spends 3 to 4 months in Dubai in his bungalow with his wife and family because after India his second home town is Dubai where he has a collection of some BMW cars in Dubai also invested in some of the big real estate properties and making handsome amount of money through them

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