About Me

Hi, I am Saif Khan help businesses, individuals and startup’s in generating revenue through Online Marketing.

As we all know every middle-class family has a dream for their children to become a Doctor or an engineer, so I did engineering. After 4 years + 1 year for (IES preparation), I realized engineering is not something which I born for and start teaching physics, mathematics to intermediate and high school students to earn some money.

We all know people around us (Engineer Karke Teacher so why you did engineering) after that I left teaching and came to Bangalore with 5000 Rs of savings because my family not allowing me to leave Delhi.

Now the game begins I applied for 4 to 5 jobs and rejected, because of no experience and every company start telling me we are not hiring freshers and one person suggested to me why you don’t try for a job that is not related to engineering, you may get a job in some other sectors chances are higher then I got a job as SEO executive in a startup.

Slowly and steadily the term Digital Marketing starts fascinating me. I start spending most of my time learning and executing different aspects of Digital Marketing.

What next then start approaching people, because of the problem-solving skills clients are ready to work with me and worked with various companies as a freelancer.

Maybe you are the next one who is struggling to generate revenue because of not utilizing Digital Marketing properly, don’t worry drop me a mail I am here to help, because my aim is to provide Digital Marketing services and make your business a revenue-making machine.

Founder of Being Digitize