Best Chrome Extensions Of All Time For Bloggers

While writing a blog as a blogger we are dealing with multiple tools and resources. As a blogger what I observed times play a vital role. So here I am sharing with you some amazing chrome extensions of google chrome, which will help you with various things including taking a screenshot of a web page, improving your grammatical errors online by suggestions, and much more

Here, is the list of chrome extension which i used

1. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot capture and screen recording tool, as a blogger it is always necessary to have screenshot capturing tool.

Awesome Screeenshot Extension


a. Screen Capture

b. Video Capture

c. Image Editor

d. Scrolling Capture

e. Text Extraction

f. Screen Record

Install Awesome Screenshot 


Backlinks are the backbone for SEO and provide a good ranking signal to google for ranking blogs or articles. For backlink, we have to reach bloggers some times through emails for the backlink, finding emails from the website is no more difficult with the help of chrome extension


With Snov you will able to all emails of the website in one click and reach out to them according to your need.


3. Grammarly

Most of us do mistakes as a beginner while writing a blog, and a blog with a lot of grammatical mistakes no one likes to read it and moreover as a pro blogger also do mistakes and it is difficult to find easily.

grammarly chrome extension

Apart from grammar, this extension will autocorrect spelling mistakes also.

Install Grammarly

4. Liner

As a blogger, we read blogs and articles on the internet, but it is difficult to remember everything if we like some article or data,  writing always in a physical notebook is difficult, Liner chrome extension help in saving lines with reference from where did you save this line.

liner chrome extension

Install Liner

5. Stay Focused

Do one thing at a time, sometimes you know what happened we are wasting our time on social media channel unnecessary, and there is no limit how much we are using and you know it scientifically proven jumping from one task to other kills ours productivity.

stay focusd

It help in restricting you from time wasting websites and makes you productive. Time you alot for website until then you can able to browse that after aloted time it will restrict you from these sites.

Install Stay Focusd

5. Similar Web

Competitors data  gives you exact  benchmarking how to proceed , so similar web help in competitors research.

Features provided by similar web

a. Traffic of website

b. Top ranking keywords

c. From which platforms they are getting traffic

and more

similar web chrome extension

It is a free tool that comes up with a google chrome extension, if you will pay for its upgraded version you will able to research some more insights of your competitors.

Last but not least you will able to track what internet technologies they are adding to there website

Install Similar Web


6. Facebook Pixel Helper

As we all know about FB ads while running the FB ads for your website before that it is better to install FB pixel code in your website which helps in tracking visitors, by which you can retarget only selected visitors those visit your website.

As I already said, this extension is not only for a blogger who runs a lot of facebook ads to promote their content on Facebook but,

You can also use this extension to stop the pixel of another website before they start sending ads on your Facebook feed.

7. Loom

This extension allows you to communicate with videos,

If you are youtube blogger then tool also help you to create your youtube videos and with that, you can easily create Facecam video without any pixel loss.

With the help of this extension, you can also embed your video on your blog (not youtube video) and You can also send that video to anyone through email (They have integration option)

Loom also has an application for pc so you can also use it on your pc as well.

They also have a premium plan in which you will get more features than the free version but I suggest that the free version is enough for starting.

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